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ADAR : l'assurance annulation vacances pour des locations saisonnières en Europe

  • Holiday cancellation
  • Holiday interruption
  • Holiday third party insurance cover
  • Search, offshore and mountain rescue

For a carefree holiday

Be careful: you have only 10 days from the date of your rental commitment to subscribe an insurance with Adar

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(Total rental accommodation including the possible Agency costs and fees)


General terms and conditions


Cancellation due to:

  • Serious illness, accident, death, major home damage, lay-off, professional relocation, roadblocks, strikes, any complication due to pregnancy until the 28th week.


  • Deposit / down payment + sums due, limited to €10 000

Curtailment due to:

  • Serious illness, death, major home damage, unavailability of accommodation


  • Rent for unused portion of holidays, limited to €10 000

Personal liability:

  • Property damage due to fire, an explosion or flooding

  • Remedy of neighbours and third parties

  • Damage to the property or belongings of the owner of the rented accommodation


  • Limited to €1 500 000

  • Up to €450,000.

  • Limited to €2 500, with €75 deductible

ADAR, a complete package of insurance cover to take the worry out of your holidays :

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Information and advice


ALBINET Insurance Brokers have been active in the insurance market since 1951.

RCS PARIS 58213628900029 – SA with paid in capital of 250.000 €

N° ORIAS : 07000044 – Web Site ORIAS :

Financial and capital structure

  • No insurance company has a direct or indirect shareholder voting right.
  • As brokers, the company will supply by email, if required, the names of all insurances companies they work with (Art. L520-1-II-b of the insurance code).

Information concerning disputes :
If you make a claim or have a dispute, the parties agree to find an out of court solution.
You should address your claim to our offices, for the attention of your usual contact, who will have 10 days to formally acknowledge receipt, and a further 2 months from the date of receipt of your claim to make a formal reply.

  • Please contact our claims service by email at Cabinet Albinet - 5, Cité de Trévise – 75009 Paris.
    If you are a private individual, and you are not satisfied with the formal reply given, you may contact the CSCA Mediator at the following address, 91, rue Saint-Lazare 75009 PARIS or by email to
    If you are not a private individual you cannot use the services of the CSCA Mediator.
  • ACP - Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel 61 rue Taitbout – 75009 - Paris